Monday, January 30, 2017

Mooby's at Debonair Grand Opening!

We are celebrating the grand opening of the new Mooby's with a musical travel through time with three DJ's!

The queen of 80's, DJ Rusty, will be be kicking things off with her most excellent collection of 80's new wave and pop

Next up will be DJ Niko with all your rock and alternative favorites from the 90's

Starting the late night party will be DJ PsychoSoundwave playing his awesome mix of industrial from the 00's.

Come check out the new restaurant, full of Kevin Smith and other pop culture references and party with us all night!

You will not want to miss this!

Debonair has a new location, so check out the link to the right and update your LM's!

Mooby's SL location: Click here!
Direct TP to Mooby's: Click here!

See you there!


Monday, January 23, 2017

T-Shirts, Hosting Changes, & More!

It's 2017 already? Belated happy new year to you and all that jazz, and I hope you had a fun holiday season.  Whats new?

Well for starters, I teamed up with Maxwell and now there is a PsychoSoundWave t-shirt and a top.
The front and back designs on the t-shirt and the top are identical.

Make sure you hit me up for one - they're free - and I think they turned out fantastic.

The holiday season in SL wasn't too bad, considering everyone is usually off on their travels. We had some awesome nights at Debonair, Black Rose, and The Machine Shop...  Here's a couple of shots from a couple of those crazy crazy nights...

Unfortunately Beliar decided that he can no longer host for me. He's in the eastern time zone, which is one hour ahead of me, so when I was finishing up at 1 or 2am , it was 2 or 3am for him. The late nights were taking their toll, and I really don't blame him.
So, I'm on the hunt for a new host. Not sure if I'm going to want to create a team thing, or just keep it random. Huge thanks to Q (GM at Machine Shop) for stepping in and doing a killer job hosting for me last Saturday night at the last minute!!

I think that's about all I have for now! The schedule on the right is still valid, and we'll see you there soon, hopefully!

Much love,

Monday, December 12, 2016

News & Updates n Stuff!

The Machine Shop - Metal! \m/
Well bloody hell, it's an update!

You can now catch me doing a metal set at The Machine Shop, every Saturday night between 10pm-12am SLT (12am - 2am central time). See the DJ schedule on the right!

Things are going well on the DJ front - I'm tapped out currently doing metal on Thursday's at Black Rose, Industrial/Whatever's Clever on Friday's at Debonair, and more metal on Saturday's at The Machine Shop.  I think this is as much as I want to take on, so that's cool by me!

When I first started spinning at Black Rose, and was looking for a host, I joined forces with Beliar Nocturnus.  I was a little concerned, as I'm sure he was, since we didn't know each other previously.  But, the concerns were unfounded. Beliar is a top bloke, a huge metal fan, and a fantastic host.  We quickly became a team, and the team works!  Beliar is hosting at every event now.  Let's hope he doesn't get sick of his entire weekend being consumed with hosting, bouncing idiots (yeah, there was one... lol), and listening to my shite!  Actually - Beliar is putting together a set of his own, so look forward to that coming to a session soon!

The Black Rose gig is going well. I'm still following the mighty DJ DeaD, and this is a good thing. From a shallow mindset, DJ DeaD pulls a good crowd, so there are always plenty people in the club when I take over.  From a more thoughtful, musical aspect, his brand of extreme metal allows me to indulge in my own love of that genre.  I don't possess the kind of extreme metal knowledge and expertise that DeaD does, but being able to take over from him, and continue with a few intense extreme tracks before blending into less extreme genres feels good. It's a good flow for me, and I hope it works for you too!  You should make it a priority to witness a DJ DeaD set.

The Machine Shop gig was a surprise, really.  I wasn't actively looking for another slot, but I found myself there a couple of weekends ago, there was nobody spinning, and the boss was there, and the next thing I know I'm set up as a DJ, and I'm spinning a trial set.  I guess it went OK, cos the general manager contacted me to get me set up on a schedule.  Fair enough!
The first "official" gig went well, with some entertaining audience members.... lol... I'm looking forward to many more!

The Debonair "British Invasion, no, more like an Anglo-American Invasion" gig is going great too. It's mostly SL friends hanging out, having a few drinks, enjoying the tunes (hopefully!)
Niko kicks things off before I start, which is awesome since he usually plays something a little different, and he gets the people in, and movin' and groovin'.  I'm shit at getting people into sets cos I know like nobody .... really!

What else has been going on?
Voice in Second Life.  I tried it a little bit lately, and eh.  Not so keen on it.  It's one thing when you're spinning to use the mic to MC, but I'm not sold on turning Second Life into Second Skype, you know?  I kind of like the disconnection aspect.

This blog is dark, isn't it? Maybe I need to spruce it up.

Beef sandwich.

I wish I could stop gritting my teeth.

I need a vacation.

Oh, with that in mind, all the best for a cool Yule, and a happy new year when it comes!

Cheers, and see you on the grid!

Friday, November 18, 2016

...annnnd we're back!

I had a complete brain fart and let my domain expire. What kind of an idiot does that?
Anyway, if you're seeing this, normal service has been restored... just in time to rock a two-hour set at Debonair! Cheers!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

It's a British Invasion at Debonair!

You can catch me every Friday night at 10pm SLT at Debonair (see here, or the DJ schedule sidebar) as part of the British Invasion. While there is nothing specifically British about the music, you do get me spinning the tunes (I'm from the UK), and hosting by Jeanine (see update below), who is also from the UK. We both live stateside, and we both like late nights, so it's all good!

Last Friday was the inaugural night, and it went well, although I might have been celebrating a bit too hard! We jammed our way through an overtime set full of killer industrial and EBM music. I figured there was noone after me, and why not just keep on jammin! It was pretty much three hours in total.
I guess there could be some metal sets in the future too, so get yourself over to Debonair, join the VIP group via the poster on the wall, and you'll be kept up to date with all of the goings on!

Update - December 2016:
Beliar Nocturnus is currently hosting for the "British Invasion", which is me!
I guess it's an Anglo-American invasion, now! :)

Artwork by DJ Niko @ Debonair

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Parasite Of God

Parasite Of God reminds me of an old Mortiis track, but more recently it is the name of a band who have completely ensnared me with their debut release, "Outcasts and Freaks". I first heard them played in SL in a DJ DeaD set, and since then I've listened to them more and more online, and eventually bought the digital download of the album from their Bandcamp page,

Hailing from Sweden, their sound is a brilliant mix of dark electro, deep layered synth and guitar, and a mix of aggressive and pure male & female vocals. So far, in 2016, this has been the artist that has most gained and more critically, retained my attention, and inevitably made its way into my sets!

Aside from the mastery and quality of the music, their attention to detail and art is just as impressive when it comes to the videos. To date, they have videos for two tracks on this album (which I'll link/embed below) and they're both great. For me, the video to "Through Sorrows" is particularly stunning. A perfect blend of their music with breathtaking visuals, the video suggests an old struggle... light vs dark, or perhaps good vs evil, if you believe in such things.

The album (to borrow another album title from a while ago) is All Killer, and No Filler! Each track on this album stands alone with its composition, power, melody, and artistry. There is so much to listen to in this album!
I strongly suggest you watch these videos, and, give them a some of your hard-earned cash for such an impressive debut release! I know I did!

Stand Up Proud! Never Bow!

Through Sorrows


Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween @ Haunted Silent Peacock Hotel

Those of us lucky enough to be at the Haunted Silent Peacock Hotel for their Halloween party were in for a great evening of music and visuals! The sim is a homestead, so sometimes people had a hard time getting in, but I think everyone who wanted to be there was there at some point.
Hallow Gothly, the creator of the Haunted Silent Peacock Hotel sim, opened up the hotel and its grounds for an evening of costumes, dancing, and industrial music, shot with extreme velocity from both barrels of the source of all evil, DJ DeaD.

DJ DeaD.
The artistic quality and atmosphere delivered by this sim is fantastic! Obviously a lot of work by some very talented people has gone into this. I had a bit of a wander around the grounds and in the hotel after DeaD's killer set. I took a few pictures, but nothing that does the Haunted Silent Peacock Hotel any justice. I fully intend on returning here to sample the dark delights, and take some more pictures. I think a blog post is forthcoming!
Read on for more pictures from the Haunted Silent Peacock Hotel Halloween Shindig!