Monday, October 24, 2016

Debonair Club

I first heard of Debonair via a friend when I first returned to Second Life. They were DJ'ing at Debonair, and actually arranged for me to try out DJ'ing there also. I think it went alright for my return foray into SL DJ'ing, and I'm indebted to Nïkø for giving me that opportunity.

As far as I know, Debonair Club was created by, is home to, and is solely run by DJ Nïkø. It is a multi-genre club in Second Life. It is uncluttered and open, with luxurious deep red walls and marble floor.
Don't let the high-class appearance lure you into thinking that there is any stuffiness here - not likely!
Debonair Club is one of the most laid back places you'll find in SL. Juxtaposed with its luxurious decor is an Irish bar, and a cat riding on a Roomba. Right?

Spontaneous parties happen here, multiple full DJ sets featuring 80's music, metal, rock, industrial, EBM/EDM, synthpop, etc. It it's good, you'll hear it at Debonair. If you're on Facebook, follow Debonair right here:

Plenty of room for whatever you bring!

Debonair can be found on the grid, right here: so go ahead and enjoy!
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Decks n Drums n Rock n Roll

PsychoSoundWave HQ
PsychoSoundWave HQ
I've DJ'd for quite some time using Virtual DJ 8 purely on the PC, and it has served its purpose very well. VDJ8 is a phenomenal piece of software, and it makes online streaming extremely easy.
Recently though, I started looking at DJ controllers, and I opted to get the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 controller.

The difference is night and day. It's a much more enjoyable experience. Virtual DJ 8 natively supports the DDJ-SB2, the navigation control is intuitive,and I'm finding myself using the mouse in VDJ less and less. Having the ability to easily listen to a request, or the next track, or cue something up while another is playing is very valuable.

For maximum flexibility, I have kept the microphone input direct into my PC's sound card, and re-purposed the "Vinyl" button for each deck into a talkover button. This drops the chosen deck output level to 60%, while increasing the microphone level to 100% for as long as it is held down. Releasing the button mutes the microphone, and resumes 100% level on the deck. I can see me running into issues if my level wasn't at 100% to begin with, but it always seems to be, so I'll not worry about it for now. Eventually, maybe I'll try feeding the master out to my sound card line-in for broadcasting using BUTT or something similar, instead of using the internal broadcasting in VDJ.

Anyway, I'd highly recommend a DJ controller!

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Welcome to DJ PsychoSoundWave's blog! I'm not quite sure what'll appear here, but I'm thinking there'll be pics, reviews, sound bites, and other funny or entertaining stuff from the world of SL clubs & DJ'ing!

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