The New Rooftop Tonight

We’ve got DJ xXDOMXx, DJ Rinn, DJ DeaD and yours truly rockin The New Rooftop tonight. You’d be crazy to miss these EIGHT HOURS of killer tunes, and it’s going on RIGHT NOW!
(well, at the time of posting this, it is!)

DJ xXDOMXx from 4pm – 6pm SLT
DJ Ɍɪɴɴ from 6pm – 8pm SLT
DJ ÐεαĐ from 8pm – 10 pm SLT
DJ pѕycнo from 10pm – Midnight SLT

…and it’ll be the same next Saturday, and the one after that, ad infinitum (maybe?), so make a date with some stompy music, grab some booze (or whatever your preferred relaxation chemistry consists of) and join us.


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