noun, plural psychos.

1. a psychopathic or psychotic person.
2. a crazy or mentally unstable person.


3. psychopathic or psychotic.

I have never considered myself in any of the above categories, and I never intended to become a psycho. I mean, I’ve been called worse, but you know. 😀 So, DJ Psycho? How the hell did that come about? My original name was (still is) psychosoundwave. This was inspired by the title of a track back in the late 90’s by a band named Mindset. Killer track, you should check it out.

When I entered SL in 2015, I used the name DJ PsychoSoundWave.

That was a mistake. It’s too long, it’s too much of a mouthful, and so of course, people shortened it immediately to “Psycho”. Fair enough. Norman Bates is turning in his grave. DJ Norman Bates would have been better. Hmm….  maybe I should embrace this? 🙂

It’s funny how many people can’t spell “psycho” too. I get “physco” a lot. Fizzco. DJ Fizzco.

Physco, Psycho, whatever. Call me whatever you want, but just don’t call me too late for dinner.


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