Club Zero Set Moving to Friday!

Hello friends and followers! This post does appear on April 1st, but it is not an April Fool’s joke! 🙂

I have switched weekend sets. My metal set at The Machine Shop will happen on Saturday nights at 10pm SLT, while Fridays at 10pm SLT sees me follow the mighty DJ DeaD at Club Zero.

DJ DeaD and I have a fine history of spinning back to back sets, and we know you’ll love it. We have your Friday night covered. Four fantastic hours of killer beats, and heavy stomps covering the best in Dark Electro, Hellektro, Industrial, EDM, and Synth. It’s going to be killer!

DJ DeaD is up from 8pm to 10pm SLT, followed by myself at 10pm SLT.

See you there!

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