A list of club locations where I like to hang out, or spin at.

Location Genre SL Map Link Facebook Page Web Page
The Machine Shop Metal / Heavy  [SLURL]  [Link]
The New Rooftop Multi-Genre  [SLURL]  [Link]
Black Rose Metal  [SLURL]  [Link]  [Here] and [Here]
Debonair Multi-Genre  [SLURL]  [Link]
Synthetik Bunker Industrial  [SLURL]  [Link]  [Here]
Club Zero Multi-Genre  [SLURL]  [Link]  [Here]
Edgar’s Multi-Genre  [SLURL]  [Link]
ZEM Hangout Industrial  [SLURL]
Ohana Rock Club Rock/Metal  [SLURL]  [Link]  [Here]



Stunning locations in SL. Great backdrops for taking photos.

Location SLURL Description
Everwinter [SLURL] Post-Apocalyptic theme park. Killer location!
Anduril [SLURL] Amazing urban, rural, and forestry design.
North [SLURL] Northern landscape theme.